MechanicsHV3 for HanDBase

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MechanicsHV3 for HanDBase
Version: 1.0
Platforms: Series 60, Symbian OS
Developer: Ben Clinger
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 86
File Size: 41 Kb

Rating: 2.0/5 (Total votes: 4)

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MechanicsHV3 for HanDBase - Mechanics was written using HanDBase version 3. It is an applet designed for the automobile mechanic that provides an environment that meets the majority of the day's activities. The "linked", "relationship," and "database popup" (DB popup), and popup field types are used throughout the application. There are thirteen databases. The number of related records is displayed next to the "related" field type. Links are provided to the child databases for editing of those databases. As a note, deleting files must be done from the parent record in order to maintain proper indexing. In addition, there are times incorrect record counts are displayed; when that occurs, the child database needs to be reindexed. This requires displaying each entry in the affected child database and then redisplaying of the parent record. The display category used is "business." The main database is Mechanics. It displays links to the child databases. This database does not store any data, hence, when it is started, a blank line is displayed. Click on the blank line to view the available links. The following databases are available: Certifications, Contact list, Customers, Customer Vehicles, Inventory, Jobs to Do, Notes, To Do, Suppliers, and Supplies. MechCertificate - Certifications - a database to keep track of certifications. Captured information includes the name of the certification, date issued, date expired, required (yes/no), issued by, when class held, where class held, cost and running cost. MechContacts - Contact List - a database to keep track of personal/company contacts. Captured information includes name, address, phone number, notes, next contact date and date created. MechCustomers - Customer list - a database to track customer information. Captured information includes name, customer number, phone number, address, vehicle information (via relational value), notes (via relational value), and a link to edit notes. MechCustVehs - Customer Vehicles - a database to track customer vehicles. Captured information includes customer number, vehicle make, model, year, odometer reading, VIN, color, visible damage, and notes. MechInventory - Inventory - a database to track inventory. Captured information includes, item description, item number, serial number, item condition (pop-up), date purchased, cost, supplier, supplier px, running cost (calculated field that tracks total cost information), notes, picture available (pop-up), insured (pop-up), insured value, and running insured value. MechJobs - Jobs to Do - a database to track the jobs to be done. Captured information includes date, customer name, selection of vehicle, job number, work to do, and cost. Editing of the customer number and vehicle information is also allowed using the "linked" field type. Work ToDo (MechPartNeeded) is a "child" database of MechJobs and captures the work to be done and its cost. The total cost of the work to be done is displayed next to COST in the MechJobs database. Selection of the vehicle to be worked on is done using the "DB-Popup" field type. When tapped on, it displays a list of vehicles sorted by customer number and vehicle make. Tapping on the entry work is being done on brings the data into the database. MechNotes - Notes - a database to capture notes from the various databases. Just a handy thing to do. Lots of relationships are used here to capture and display the entries for the various related databases. MechToDo - a to do list - not to be confused with work to be done. Information captured includes action, date to do, time to do, done (check box), time done, date done, notes (this is a relational field with MechNotes), the ability to edit the notes database, cost information, amount owed, running cost, running amount owed. MechSuppliers - Suppliers - a database to capture supplier information. Information captured includes name of supplier, payment method, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, fax number, email address, and notes. The notes here do not branch to a different database. MechSupplies - Supplies - MechSupply - a simple supply database. It is a one entry databsae that captures only supplies, such as hand cleaner, oil, et cetera.


HanDBase v.2.7x or greater

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