Maverick Secure Mobile

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Maverick Secure Mobile
Version: 1.0
Platforms: Series 60, Symbian OS
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 58209

Rating: 2.7/5 (Total votes: 235)

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Maverick Secure Mobile - Not only MOBILE SECURITY, but much more than that..(MSM). A "Security Application" which not only helps to Protect the data but also helps to Track the device remotely

It even provides an advance option to "Retrieve Phone book" from anywhere & anytime simply remotely

Despite of those general features the most amazing part in this application is that its working is entirely in hidden mode
No one except the owner can know it

Let us have a look on some of its important features 

Protecting Your Data
Incase, of Mobile Theft/Lost,
an immediate SIM change can be detected and
within no time the entire data will be encrypted

Tracking Device
This option answers to the thought of tracking the device
Which in result one could obtain ,
Phone Number
Device Id
Country Code
Operator Name
Area Code  -of- lost/stolen/theft phone

Not only the above information but a report of every activity like,
Sms (Sent/Received)
New Contacts (Added/Deleted) etc can be  obtained

It would not be an exaggerated statement if said,
the reports contains even a "Missed Calls Details" on that phone

Retrieving Phonebook
No one can deny the most important data on device is the Contacts
In MSM, one can Retrieve the entire Phone book

Spy Call (exclusive)
Spy Call will allow to establish a call from Reporting Number to Msm without any notification to the user.
After-a-dial from Reporting Number, with no-ring the call will get connect with no-permission activating the loadspeaker & mic of the lost phone
So the voice can be heard and things can be discovered.

Raise an Alarm and Disable the Phone
This feature will help to Disable the device completely and raise the alarm like a loud annoying siren.
Display Message will flash the below information,
Name                     :John
Address                 :US
Alternate Number : 234 5678 9090
Award Amount       :100

Data back Up
Secure Mobile has a distinct feature of an incremental Data Backup.
Using a single key, user can simply backup all the data to secure server and stay secured

And now without any hassle he can retrieve his data from anywhere to anytime he wants
One can easily find out the application not only works when Stolen/Lost or Theft/Forgot
but also can be use in practical way,

Parental Control
Monitoring Staff
Controlling Employees
Supervising Faculty
Tracking Loved Ones when not close and much more...

So we say, "Not only a MOBILE SECURITY but much more...."

Appeal to for any assistance & help

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    help me to remove malvrick



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    i like it

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